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From manufacturing to commercialization

The different stages of the process


The Extrafrutas perfected in control and monitoring done throughout the entire production process, based on a quality system based on the rules of integrated production, ensuring concepts as rastriabilidade and scrupulous respect for the environment.



The way the pear is taken, is one of the factors contributing to their quality. A job that was formerly more time consuming and laborious, these days, combined with the technology, it was possible to make this work more accessible and increased the percentage of pears picked in the right way later come to be marketed.



In the selection stage of Rocha Pear, knowing of its vital importance, we use sophisticated machines according to the needs of the fruit, with a team of highly qualified employees.

Aware of its importance, the Extrafrutas has made a continuous renewal and updating technology in order to be able to satisfy the most diverse and demanding markets.



The packaging is done in many different types of boxes and the form of different brands in order to differentiate the Rocha Pear size and how it is marketed by our customers.

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