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Rocha Pear Crumble



1. Grease a baking tin with butter;


2. Preheat the oven to 180º;


3. In a cup, combine the flour, digestive biscuit, butter and sugar and mash;


4. Add also dried fruits, mash a little more and set it aside;


5. Peal the Rocha Pears, remove the seeds, break them into pieces and place them in water with lemon juice to avoid oxidation;


6. In a frying pan, put the butter with the sugar until it do caramel. Saute the Rocha Pears and raisins in this caramel and cook it a few minutes involving well;


7. Transfer the Rocha Pears to the baking tin and top with the reserved massa;


8. Undo meringues with hands and sprinkle;


9. Bake until it begins to turn browning ;


10. Can serve and delight yourself.



150 g Flour

150 g Digestive Biscuit

100 g Dried Fruits

180 g Melted Butter

130 g Brown Sugar

100 g Meringue

1 kg Rocha Pear


1 Lemon

2 Butter Tablespoons

2 Sugar Tablespoons

2 Golden Raisins Tablespoons

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