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How to eat a Rocha Pear

Do not confunse quality with size because they are two very distinct characteristics. The Rocha Pear is a small fruit. If you like crispy fruit, you should buy small fruits. The larger pears are usually more juicy..


Rocha Pear can be eaten the most different ways:

  • Crispy or juicy: when is greener Rocha is crunchy and can be eaten by hand. When it is more mature, acquires a more yellow tone becoming more sweet, soft and juicy. Usually young people prefer the crispy pears, and adults prefer juicy fruits;

  • This portuguese pear can be eaten with or without skin. Once washed, the Rocha Pear with skin is a very dietetic food;

  • By hand or with knife and fork;

  • Some consumers prefer a Rocha Pear at room temperature, others prefer to consume it out from the refrigerator;

  • In salads, sandwiches, cakes, pastries, desserts and yogurts, as an accompaniment to many dishes (especially hunting) or as a piece of fruit.



How to store a Rocha Pear
  • If you want to consume immediately, you should put the pear in the fruit bowl;

  • If you don't wish to eat immediately, you must save it in the fridge on the bottom shelf, in the drawer of fruits and vegetables;

  • If you wish to keep it for a long period (over 10 days) must not mixed pears with other fruits as bananas or kiwis, which accelerate the maturation of other fruits.

ORIGIN: Portugal

SHAPE: Variable being the predominant shapes round ovate, round piriformis, ovate and oblong piriformis

PEDUNCLE: Average, between 28:33mm

CAREPA: Whatever the shape of Rocha Pear, russeting is always present, varying in percentage and concentration as the year weather conditions


EPIDERMIS COLOR: Yellow and green, sometimes presents a pinkish stain on the side exposed to the sun

MEDIUM SIZE: 60/65mm, having an average weight of 130g

PULP: With white color, soft, granulose, sweet and juicy. With plenty of juice and slightly sharp scent

CONSERVATION: Has an excellent conservation power

Unique Flavor

Rocha Pear

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