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How to eat a Brookfield Apple

Do not confunse quality with size because they are two very distinct characteristics. If you like crispy fruit, you should buy small fruits. The larger fruits are usually more juicy.


Brookfield Apple can be eaten the most different ways:

  • This apple can be eaten with or without skin. Once washed, the apple with skin is a very dietetic food;

  • By hand or with knife and fork;

  • Some consumers prefer a apple at room temperature, others prefer to consume it out from the refrigerator;

  • In salads, sandwiches, cakes, pastries, desserts and yogurts, as an accompaniment to many dishes or as a piece of fruit.



How to store a Brookfield Apple
  • If you want to consume immediately, you should put the apple in the fruit bowl;

  • If you don't wish to eat immediately, you must save it in the fridge on the bottom shelf, in the drawer of fruits and vegetables;

  • If you wish to keep it for a long period (over 10 days) must not mixed apples with other fruits as bananas or kiwis, which accelerate the maturation of other fruits.

ORIGIN: Portugal

SHAPE: Variable being the predominant shapes round ovate and oblong conical

PEDUNCLE: Average, between 28:33mm


EPIDERMIS COLOR: Red, the color is sometimes very intense in the fruits which develop on the side exposed to the sun

MEDIUM SIZE: 60/65mm, having an average weight of 130g

PULP: White, consistent, crunchy, juicy, with low acidity, good sugar content and pronounced aroma.


Also known as "Baygent Apple" this apple belongs to the family of Royal Gala Apple.


This is a product that Extrafrutas produces and sells in smaller quantities that Rocha Pear.

Red Intense

Brookfield Apple

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